Wrapt Goodwill Bursary

The purpose of the Wrapt Goodwill Bursary is to create opportunities for active passionate artists who have limited financial resources to attend as a full time student at Wrapt in Rocky 2016. Given some artists have limited financial capacity to attend; these bursaries enable Fibre Arts groups to nominate a member on the basis of the nominees creative potential, special talents, personal motivation as a fibre artist and potential benefits to their arts practice. Goodwill and need go hand in hand. An individual can nominate themselves but must have 2 fellow artists act as their “creative referee”. Art Groups can nominate one of their talented members for a Wrapt Goodwill Bursary and this Bursary may be awarded to an applicant from anywhere across Australia. I highly encourage Central Qld groups to nominate a local artist and in so doing support our vibrant arts scene. There are 2 Goodwill Bursaries in 2016. Applications are due by April 8 and are reached from the Wrapt Enrolment page or by contacting Nanette Balchin.

Hope your keeping your creative inspiration going at this time of year. Love from Nanette from sunny Central Queensland.

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