My Adventure to Fibres West

I am heading over to Fibres West to experience their fabulous event as both a student and as the Wrapt Coordinator. Fibres West has many similarities to Wrapt … its regional, it has 10 – 12 tutors and a full program of activities. Fibres West is held at the Muresk Institute in Northam which is 90 km from Perth. I will be whisked off from the Airport in Perth and taken in the limousine to Northam and will be helping the Fibres West team to set up Fibres West. I will also share my Wrapt experiences with the Fibres West team and discuss programming and event logistics and of course ways we can both improve our events for you the students.

The class I am attending is “Stitched and Found” with Christine Atkins. I am the lucky one who gets to experience Christine’s class before she comes to Wrapt in Rocky 2016. I am doing the James Bond reconnaissance thing but under the guise of an artist! I will learn how to use stitch as an assemblage technique and have a suitcase full of found objects, thread, needles, drills, hammers and other strange sharp devices. As a bonus Martien Van Zuilen is the Fibres West Convenor and she too will be a tutor for Wrapt in Rocky 2016. It will be fabulous to get to know both Martien and Christine in advance of Wrapt 2016.

My trip to Fibres West was made possible by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, which supports sustainable cultural development in regional, rural, and remote Australia to give artists and communities’ better access to opportunities to practice and experience the arts

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