Blooms, Birds and Beautiful Things

Penny Eamer
This workshop is great fun and gives luxurious results with very little effort. The techniques taught combine wool roving, silk fibres and embroidery threads with commercial felt and results in ‘downy-soft’ surfaces with rich, layered colour effects, texture and embellishment. Hand needle felting, sewing, embroidery and embellishing are easy and the entire process is clean and meditative.

Make beautiful or quirky blooms, birds, beetles, art dolls, boxes or vessels, decorations, or many other gorgeous stitched things. They can be 2D or 3D stand-alone artworks, or be incorporated into a range of fibre arts including wall art, jewellery, bags, clothing, journals and hairpieces. Your colour scheme can range from bright and bold to earthy or pastels and soft natural/ neutral colour schemes. The choice of end product is totally yours.
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Penny Eamer Best Bird GradientPenny Eamer FlowersPenny Eamer Purpe FlowersPenny Eamer two birds gradient