Plaster and Wax Books

Trace WillansPlaster + wax + hand made eco friendly all natural materials make unique textural and sculptural books.
Work with plaster to make pages for a series of small books, in a variety of ways, including creating openings, niches and as a way to add textural interest.
Start by exploring many different plaster and wax processes then discover how to embellish your surfaces using simple handmade paints, collage using rabbit skin glue, transfers and working with dry pigments but with a focus on working with encaustic medium (hot wax).
Work with either white or clear wax adding colour to the surface or with pre coloured waxes. On the last day recycle your paint rags into a simple books using traditional gesso. This workshop is designed to be as eco friendly as possible so we will be using only natural materials.





Trace Willans - Plaster and Wax BooksTrace WillansPlaster and Wax Books - Trace WillansTrace Willans - Paint Rag Book