Wrapt promotion is truly a team effort

I am really excited to have my daughter Anna Balchin helping me with my E marketing for Wrapt in Rocky. Anna is currently studying Marketing, Media Communication and Graphic Design as part of her Bachelor of Creative Industries at QUT so helping me out is mutually beneficial. She is creating your regular Newsletters and helping with the Wrapt Blog and facebook posts. Together we can create a much more interesting and effective marketing mix and hopefully all the stories will be to your liking.

Of course the Marketing for Wrapt is a bigger team effort than just Anna and me. All the Wrapt team members: Julie, Trish, Kim, Anni and Linda spread the Wrapt word and promote widely to local arts groups and stores. Michelle Black is my designer creating all the fabulous Wrapt flyers, forms, website images, posting to online calendars and websites, sharing the facebook admin and most importantly being my marketing mentor and friend.

Last but not least many Wrapt students create fabulous word of mouth as they share information, news, flyers and stories amongst artist friends and this is just about the best promotion I could want to tell the Wrapt story. Many also take time to share their Wrapt and personal stories with me to post on facebook or share by Wrapt Newsletters. Thanks so much for all the “Wrapt family” for your generosity and stories.

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